Yoga & Ayurveda are two of the most versatile and beneficial forms of exercise & holistic health care that promote the wellbeing of more than just the physical self. The profound benefits uplift the body, mind, and soul.

Steven is a qualified Yoga teacher & Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant that teaches an authentic and traditional form of Hatha yoga known as Vinyasa Krama. This tradition presents three broad approaches to yoga practice that are then individually tailored to your needs and situation.  

1. Sakti Krama. The athletic approach.  Yoga for strength, vigor & vibrant health which is practiced as a physical art form. In the earlier phases of life, learning yoga in this way is highly beneficial to develop self-confidence, aid physical development, and promote discipline.

A Vinyasa Krama Yoga practice manual is available to help students learn numerous & varied postures and sequences.

2. Cikitsa Krama. A therapeutic or preventative health practice.  In middle age, we focus on yoga as physical therapy and maintaining optimum health as far into life as possible. Ayurvedic health practices can be included where appropriate to heal, rejuvenate, correct patterns of imbalance, and reestablish harmony. 

3. Adhyatmika Krama. The spiritual practice of yoga. Awareness development and a spiritual approach to life that supports our integral development and evolution. 

At Nectar Yoga, Steven offers private one-on-one personalized sessions and teaches all levels – from complete beginners that can barely touch their toes to advanced practitioners and those interested in discovering or developing the spiritual aspect of yoga practice. Steven is devoted to yoga; he doesn't just teach postures and sequences but focuses on applying yoga & incorporating Ayurvedic health practices where appropriate to suit your specific requirements based on your individual constitution (dosha), stage of life, your life situation & personal goals.

The sessions include principles for right living, yoga postures & sequences, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation practices that range from simple mindfulness techniques to devotional mantras, and Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations.

Ayurvedic lifestyle 

Includes: dietary guidelines based on your bodily constitution, cooking with herbs and spices, daily and seasonal regimens, detoxification practices, herbal rejuvenation tonics, herbal oil massage, colour, and gem therapy.

Most of my students experience a spectrum of benefits that improve their quality of life in different ways. Some of these include increased flexibility, greater strength, muscle tone, improved posture, better sleep, weight loss, improved circulation, better digestion, mental clarity, better concentration & coping mechanisms to effectively tackle stress and anxiety. 

Personal Lessons in your own home.

Steven offers personal yoga lessons in your own home in, Hertfordshire and London.  We also have a Yoga & Ayurveda studio on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece for retreats.

If you’re keen to restore balance and energy while gaining strength and becoming more calm and centered, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the next steps. I offer a free 30-minute consultation that is part of the first lesson. 

 I look forward to guiding you to de-stress and introduce harmony into your life.

A consultation is required to establish your constitution, condition, and personal goals.

This is followed by an individual health plan that is implemented gradually over a period of time.


A FREE half-hour consultation is available as part of the first lesson to discuss your needs and find out if this approach may be suitable for you.

Call Steven on 07535 975295 or email

The 60-minute session is £35.00 

A 90-minute session is £45.00

20% discount for 10 sessions in advance.

Herbs, foods & supplements are charged in addition as required.

If you are on a low income and are sincere about following this approach, lower fees can be negotiated according to your means. Please contact Steven to discuss this.

Appointments can be changed with appropriate notice. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are charged in full.

Personal Yoga lessons and Ayurvedic treatments are given by Steven James

Testimonials for Personal Lessons & Classes

Personal lessons are available in Hertfordshire & London in your own home.